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Lesley Horton

Reviews of Lesley Horton's work

TWISTED TRACKS - published December 2008

British crime doesn't get any better than Horton's Yorkshire based cases featuring John Handford and Khalid Ali.
Peterborough Evening Telegraph

The mistress of domestic British horror does it again with TWISTED TRACKS, the intermingled tale of a murdered pensioner and a young woman missing without trace.
NHS Magazine

There are many threads in this story, each one fascinating and portraying the fallibility of human nature - how the best of people can be drawn in to doing the wrong thing. Very highly recommended. I couldn't put it down.
Lizzie Hayes, Mystery Women

[TWISTED TRACKS] is a great story and the characters ring true at every level. It is a fast moving tale and the ending is unexpected.

[TWISTED TRACKS takes us into Handford's own past, disreputable in any case but absolutely inadmissible for a police officer. The adjective 'gritty' could have been invented for Horton's interesting, serious novels.
Literary Review

THE HOLLOW CORE - published 2006

Lesley Horton's careful research into both procedure and social issues makes this a novel that is as relevant to contemporary life as it is exciting.
Barbara Loon, Shots Magazine

There is a gratifying sense of "case closed" when having finished a Horton novel, and events throughout THE HOLLOW CORE are artfully managed to bring all outstanding matters to the table at conclusion.
Murder and Mayhem Book Club (Western Australia)

A really gripping story. Recommended
Lizzie Hayes, Mystery Women

[THE HOLLOW CORE] pushes the genre into areas where other writers seem scared to venture
Sharon Wheeler, Reviewing the Evidence

A compelling and authentic journey into the dark crimes behind modern life, THE HOLLOW CORE shows Lesley Horton's searching and provocative writing as its best.
Orion Publishers

It's always fun to read a novel about towns and cities across the Atlantic, and THE HOLLOW CORE is especially educational, while Horton gives a loving and enveloping sense of atmosphere. I highly recommend this book!
Judy Clemens, Crimespree Magazine

THE HOLLOW CORE is a mystery of divided loyalties, family honour, bad decisions, revenge and misguided silences.
Sleuth of Baker Street

Starring DI John Handford and DS Khalid Ali, this is a Bradford-based crime that brilliantly incorporates the tensions between Asians and white communities.
The Bookseller

DEVILS IN THE MIRROR - published 2005

I had heard Stephen King mention that he thought Lesley Horton was an excellent read and if you are fan of Ian Rankin I believe this will fill any gaps left by the retirement of Rebus. In fact I think the author took a 87th Precinct / Rebus approach to the series.
Don Longmuir, Murder Mystery books

In the riveting DEVILS IN THE MIRROR Lesley Horton portrays the actions and motivations of villains, victims and investigators following the brutal murder of 15-year-old-Shayla Richards. All this makes for a topical, complex and credible novel that although rich in characterisation and happenings, never overpowers the reader. Lesley Horton is a great storyteller and keeps tight control of her wealth of intriguing suspects, dramatic conflicts and compelling plot strands.
Keighley News


[SNARES OF GUILT] is a debut novel, but for the life of me I couldn't spot any traces of an amateur, in fact it reads almost like a professional writing under a pseudonym. Bold and pithy from a writer who has lived and worked on these mean streets.
Ali Karim, Shots Magazine

As clever and exciting as P D James

Ullstein Publishers, Germany

Lesley Horton brings an authentic, contemporary flavour to a classic police detective story.
Manchester Evening News

Lesley Horton is excellent on the police procedures that accompany a murder investigation.
Dave Verguson - BBC, Bradford and West Yorkshire

I was impressed by Lesley Horton's tight writing - no purple prose, no over-descriptive excess, credible dialogue and speech patterns - and virtually faultless arrangement of her storylines. Like tram cables they all lead somewhere and spark with electricity.
Jim Greenhalf - Telegraph and Argus

Lesley Horton captures the seediness, deprivation and violence on the mean streets of Bradford well in her assured but frill-free prose. Yet it's her characters and subject matter as much as her sense of place that gives her books such a credible grounding.
David Knights - Keighley News

Mixing the problems of police officers with a sympathetic portrayal of victims and their families, Lesley Horton has produces satisfying and entertaining crime novels which combine police investigation with a description of a city trying hard to come to terms with itself.
Jo Wilde - Lowestoft Echo

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