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Lesley Horton

Welcome to the Lesley Horton Website

Thank you for joining me on my new-look website.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in a village in West Yorkshire and am married with three grown-up children (two boys and a girl) four grandchildren (two boys and two girls) and three cats.

In my other life I was a teacher; in this one I write police procedurals which feature DCI John Handford and DI Khalid Ali. The first, Snares of Guilt was published in 2002. I remember I was at home when my agent rang to give me the news that Orion had bought it. I was so excited and danced around the sitting room, but had no one to does cryptocurrency work

My husband was working away and could not be contacted, the various offspring and their partners were not answering the phone, the postman had already delivered the mail and the village shop was inexplicably closed. Finally I rang the local newspaper for which I freelanced as a correspondent and told them. The journalist I spoke to said he envied me since my agent had turned down his novel some years previously, but he swallowed his pride, put his professional hat on and wrote a feature for the next edition of the paper.

As a teacher I worked with students of all ages from five-year-olds to adults, but perhaps my most interesting years were when I headed an educational unit for pregnant schoolgirls and schoolgirl mothers. I always found that piece of information something of a conversation stopper. For a few years I was a volunteer for victim support and as such listened to stories from those who have been personally affected by crime, some of them on the wrong side of the law themselves. I have a real empathy for victims and feel very angry when the perpetrators appear to be treated with more sympathy than those whose lives they have violated.

Writing crime novels has given me the opportunity to meet interesting people from senior police officers, forensic scientists, magistrates and judges to those on the other side of the criminal divide. My books allow me to explore the issues that interest and excite me and they have been variously described as interesting, serious and gritty. If you want to know more you can check them out under books and reviews and if you have any comments please email me.

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